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In decent enough shape with a matching bolt, we have a scarce and desirable Finnish Civil Guards Marked M/24 “Lotta Rifle”  This is the Finnish heavy barreled version of the Russian M1891 Mosin Nagant rifle.  There are other improvements as well such as a better trigger and high attention to accuracy.   These rifles are scarce because only 27,000 were made in the mid to late 1920’s and most did not survive the two wars Finland fought with the Soviet Union.  These rifles are reffered to as Lotta Rifles because they were mostly paid for by funds raised by the Finnish Civil Guard Ladies Auxiliary called the Lotta Svard.  This example features a German Made barrel. The bore is decent.

When war Broke out in November of 1939, the Civil Guard was called up and these rifles went to the front and were used under extreme winter conditions.  Having survived that war which ended in March of 1940, these rifles went right back into action 15 months later in June, of 1941 during the Continuation war which lasted until an Armistice in September, 1944.  Due to the David vs Goliath aspect of these conflicts and the iron willed resistance of the Finns these rifles are very highly regarded as symbols of resistance to Aggression and Tyranny.

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