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This is certainly the finest example of an all matching totally untouched Japanese Navy purchased and issued Czech Brno Export Model Vz24 P serial range 1937 dated Service Rifle that we have ever seen.  It still even has the original Japanese issued sling with Kanji markings still visible in two places.

In the late 1930’s the Japanese Navy was forced to source the small arms it needed from Europe because the Japanese Army was allocated everything the Home Arsenal’s could produce for the war in China.  The  Czech Firm of Brno had large numbers of Vz24 Rifles on hand and they were actively selling them to both the Nationalist Chinese Government and the Japanese Navy.  These rifles are identified by the “P” suffix serial number.  You will note that this is a very early serial numbered rifle in the P series, and it certainly was Japanese issued as is evidenced by the sling.  It may have been in use at the Japanese Naval Academy at Eta Jima as there are pictures of Naval Cadets drilling with them or It may have been issued to the Special Naval Landing Forces but it certainly saw no hard use during the war.  When we come across one of these P series Vz24’s there can be speculation as to whether you are looking at a Chinese issued rifle or a Japanese issued one, but in this instance the Japanese attribution is irrefutable based upon the Japanese markings on the sling.  This is a very important and significant Czech Rifle from the Pacific theater and it certainly will be a must own item for many of our clients.

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