H-37 US WW1 Rare 1917 dated Perkins Campbell made M-1916 belt holster for the Colt 1911 Pistol…..Sharp!


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In excellent condition and very supple, we have a great collector grade Perkins Campbell made, 1917 date US WW1 issued M-1916 belt holster for the Colt 1911 service pistol.  This was the standard issued .45 auto holster of WW1 and it almost certainly saw action in WW2 as well.  In fact probably right through 1942, almost all of the holsters issued and carried were WW1 production dated.  It was not until the war was well underway that the WW2 dated equipage started showing up in the field.  Perkins Campbell is not a common maker of these holsters and this is a really nice example that your Pistol will slide right into.

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