Our Team

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Scott “Scotty” Benedict

Founder of Pre98 Antiques

Scotty’s career began in finance over thirty years ago.  He began a part-time business in collectible and antique firearms, designed largely to support his lifetime hobby. The business grew so successful, that he left finance behind nearly a decade ago, and devotes all of his time to locating and procuring the finest examples of collectible military arms for our clients.

Scotty’s knowledge on the subject of Twentieth Century military firearms is such that he has served on “expert boards”,  and is an acknowledged contributor to peer-recognized reference books on the subject of vintage military firearms. Scotty has helped build, maintain, appraise, and liquidate some of the nation’s largest collections of such firearms. Scotty and the firm maintain close contact with collectors all over the country, either assisting them to find the investment grade firearms they desire or helping them liquidate them and recoup their investment when they so desire.