Sunday, January 19 – Weekly News Update


We have at lest 15 new arrivals in the pipeline for this week, a Very mixed bag, with 98k’s, US pistols and long guns, etc.


There are no gun shows for the next 2 weekends.  This is largely driven on the weather, we are approaching the heart of winter in the mid Atlantic and travel could be dicey.  We will be hibernating in the office for the most part.  Those costal storms can really muck things up.


The big distraction in the office this past week was the arrival of recently surplused Sig M17 current US Army Service Pistols.  Apparently Sig swapped out some of the very earliest Army purchased M17’s for new pistols. The exact number is not know but it’s somewhere between 3000-5000 from what we were told.   The reasons offered for this swap out include the fact that they were the trials pistols or that controls were in coyote color and current production has black controls.  This was brilliant marketing on Sigs part as these pistols disappeared overnight.  If you look at this from an investment standpoint the upside is significant; here is an example……you can pick up a commercial Beretta M9 pistol for around $500; an actual army issued example will fetch at least $6k.  Who wouldn’t want to own the very service pistol the Army is currently deploying?  The demand will vastly outstrip the meager supply.   Fortunately we were able to source some of these pistols very early in the game and should receive a few more in sporadically for the next week.  From a historical context alone I highly recommend getting one if you have a chance.