Sunday, January 12 – Weekly News Update


We have about 15 new arrivals in the pipeline for this week, a lot of US martial pistols & revolvers and some German WW2 handguns as well.  Not a ton of long guns but a few are coming in.


Just got back from a very subdued Ohio Gun Collectors show in Wilmington.  I have to say it was OK but not great, there were not as many tables set up and a lot of missing dealers as well.  My guess would be about 20% less tables.  The crowd was pretty good, especially in the morning.  Not much walked in but we did manage to pick up some pretty neat stuff you will enjoy.  The best part was seeing some of our friends at the show.


There are no shows we plan on attending for the next two weeks, so we will be doing inventory etc etc.  We have a couple piles of magazines and holsters accumulated and will try to find time to get those loaded on as well.  Brett and I will be on the road this week pillaging the countryside as well.