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One week from today we will be set up and open for business at the OVMS Show of Shows in Louisville Kentucky, February 22-25. You can get a one day pass for $10 or the two day pass for $18. If you are truly in the market for a rare find, the two day pass may be the smarter option to take your time, browse, and talk with the vendors. “If you collect Antique Arms and Militaria, this is a show that is not to be missed!  With nearly 2,000 tables of items for sale, there are new treasures to be discovered each time you walk through the hall.  In 2013, we overheard someone who was attending his first ever SOS.  He remarked to his friend “When you look out across this hall, you can see the curve of the earth!”

This is the big event of the collecting year and we will be in attendance with a huge selection of our inventory, including a lot of new items that have not yet been deployed on the site. *Sellers note that we are coming to this show to buy! We are planning on aggressively buying at the show, so if you have anything nice that you are culling out of your collection please keep us in mind.

Brett, Ash and I (Scott) will be connecting with many of our friends and clients at the show and are very much looking forward to this very important event and the opportunities it may present.


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