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Proper Gun Storage

Maybe your collection is expanding or maybe you just purchased your first collectible; either way, proper gun storage is a must!

Whether an antique collectible or brand new, all guns should follow the same care and storage regimen for optimal gun life and safety. If you are investing in a piece, you should want to take the time to properly care for it.

Let’s cover just the basics.

Safe and Clear

  • Before and after use, ensure the gun’s safety is on (if applicable), the chamber is clear and the weapon is free of any ammunition.
  • Checking the gun often will allow you to be more comfortable with it’s components as well as get you in the habit of doing an internal checklist before and after handling it.
  • For extra precautions, they do make “trigger locks” you can utilize to prevent unwanted and unexpected firings.

Shiny and Clean

  • Properly clean your piece. With proper cleanings and storage you will prolong the life of your gun.
  • Especially after each use, you should follow the care instructions recommended for the individual firearm. Cleaning both inside and out of the weapon to avoid rust and erosion.
  • A gun that is left to sit, even if it hasn’t been fired, can still begin to erode. There are many outside elements that can cause your firearm to age; built up gunpowder, oils from your hands, or just from laying on a shelf. Don’t assume you don’t have to care for it, if it’s just sitting around.
  • For some cleaning tips check out this article. Here’s a few more tips from The Shooter’s Log

Safe Storage

  • All weapons should be stored in a securely locked safe or case.
  • You should never store your guns in the holsters or cardboard boxes they came in.
  • Keep any weapons out of reach from any youth or inexperience adults who don’t know how to properly handle a firearm.
  • shared a useful article going over the types of storage. They share a familiar throwback that I’m sure most of you can relate to. “Remember that grand wooden gun display case that your great-uncle had in his den? Looking through the engraved glass panes of the double doors, you could see his beautiful vintage shotgun collection. Sometimes he would retrieve that little brass key to open the doors so you could get a better look. While this kind of locking gun cabinet looks wonderful, it does not offer any truly viable level of safe gun storage, accept against small children. To secure firearms, a locking steel gun cabinet is a more secure choice.
  • For optimal care, firearms should be stored in a temperature controlled, low humidity environment (Ideally a safe or gun safe room).
  • The goal of proper storage is to have a safe environment for your firearms both from outside elements and from unwanted hands.