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Ross Rifle used by a WWI Skilled Marksman

It’s no secret that we are history buffs, in particular historical stories and facts surrounding WWI. We are going to make a stronger effort to share interesting articles we come across in our findings. Some may be more factual, some may be more interesting tidbits. Either way, we are excited to share our interests and knowledge with you through our blogging journey.

A site we may find ourselves referencing more often,, recently shared an article “The Best sniper of World War 1 – Francis Pegahmagabow“. We found it to be full of interesting did you know pieces and enjoyed the ending video.

Our collector friends will find the same interest as we did in the last paragraph with they finally mention his “weapon”. “In November 1918, the war came to an end and in 1919 Pegahmagabow was invalided back to Canada. He had served in the military for almost the whole war and had built up a reputation as a skilled marksman. Using the much-maligned Ross rifle, he was credited with killing 378 Germans and capturing 300 more.”

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