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This is an exceptional example of a mint new condition un-fired, still partially in the packing grease Mauser K98k Rifle as marked and sold to Portugal in 1941. These rifles are known as the 1941 Portuguese Contract Mauser 98k rifles.  This rifle is all matching, including the matching numbered bayonet.  These rifles are straight off the assembly line German Military issued K98k Rifles, they are waffenamted and made just like any other 1941 Mauser made 98k , the only difference being that the stock and receiver bear the State Crest of Portugal.  Indeed, many of these rifles were not even sent to the Portuguese but straight to the Russian Front, as they were diverted back into the German Army who had just invaded the Soviet Union.  These rifles do turn up from German sources but they are well worn and used.

A few unopened crates of these rifles were discovered in Portugal about 25-30 years ago and they were exported and sold into Canada.  There were a few top examples that were new and still had the original matching numbered bayonets.  Over the years a few of these rifles made it south into the States where they were instantly snapped up.  Today, one of these rifles will turn up but rarely ever one this stunning.  The bottom line is this; you buy this rifle and you will be putting your hands on a gun a German soldier would have received back in 1941, with the same newness the same look and the same feel.  Few people will really know what it was like to handle a factory new condition Mauser 98K rifle.

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