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In 97% condition we have an Argentine Army issued Ballester-Molina Pistol, fully rigged out with the holster and 2 spare magazines.  The B-M Pistol was produced from 1938-1953 and was marketed as a cheaper alternative to the Colt Modelo 1927 Pistol.  They were well made rugged pistols that bore a strong resemblance to the Model 1911 series, but in fact only the magazines and barrels are interchangeable. They were widely purchased by the Police but there were some sold to the Army as well, such as this example.  The pistol is most notable for the fact that the British purchased nearly 15000 of these pistols during WW2 and they saw significant combat use with the 8th Army in North Africa and also with the underground in France as issued by the SOE. This example is not import marked and is fully rigged out and is certainly much nicer than you will usually see these pistols.

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