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THIS RIFLE IS THE ACTUAL EXAMPLE PICTURED ON PAGE 900 OF “KARABINER 98K VOL IIb”.  In very good condition  all matching down to the screws we have an all matching German K98k 1939 243 code Mauser Borsigwalde made Rifle that was British captured from the Afrika Korps in North Africa and bears the AA⇑ broad arrow inspection mark of the Alexandria Arsenal in Alexandria Egypt.  This is probably the only certain way to have an actual rifle that was known to have been used in the desert fighting!  Besides the AA⇑ marking there is a small marking on the left side of the reciever that resembles a cross between an asterisk and a Palm Tree.  At one time this was thought to be an Afrika Korps symbol but the more likely explanation is that it is also a British acceptance mark. The rifle it’s self is a decent example of a hard to find 1939 Mauser Borsigwalde K98k all matching down to the screws with an excellent bore.  These British captured Alexandria Arsenal inspected rifles are extremely rare and almost unique, few are known to be in this country. The last one I personally examined was back in the 1990’s.  There is an excellent account of how all this captured German equipment was processed at the Alexandria Arsenal in the book “Ordnance Went up Front ” by Roy Dunlap, who witnessed this during the war when stationed at this arsenal with his British counterparts.  This rifle was a witness to the war in the desert, it was probably at Tobruk, El Alamein and who knows where else.  That this rifle is actually pictured in Karem & Steves Seminal Series of Books on the 98K rifles will only add to its desirability and value as it’s bonafides are certainly established.  

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