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In excellent mint very visually stunning condition, we have a prime example of an early war, circa 1942 production Japanese Naval Officers Kai-Gunto Sword.  This sword would have been made at the Tenshozan Japanese Naval Forge.  The sword has a black ray skin handle and the double hanger scabbard is made of black polished ray skin as well. All of the mountings are in excellent matching condition with most of the gilt still intact.   The blade is in mint condition with no nicks and a straight showa period temper line. This is a very typical example of an early wartime Naval sword when the quality was still quite high.   As one might imagine finding a naval sword in this high condition is not easy, most are at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean,  Army Shin-Gunto swords are much more prevalent, but the Naval issue swords are considered to be much more attractive.  The Japanese “Samurai Sword” was one of the most prized trophies of WW2 and this was certainly a real looker and still is.

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