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In 97%++ very sharp exceptional condition, we have an extremely rare Erfurt Arsenal made Long P.08 Luger commonly referred to by collectors as the the Artillery Luger.  The pistol is all matching except for the correct style mag and the bore is excellent.  There is still much of the briliant fire blue and straw on the small parts and it really makes this pistol pop.  1914 was the only year that Erfurt ever made the Long Artillery style Luger and they are quite scarce and almost never seen this sharp.   Dwm manufactured 151,000 of this model but Erfurt only built 23,000 of them.  As you can  surmise, most of these early war Lugers did not survive the fury of War.  The pistol is all matching and all the small parts are Erfurt inspection marked as well.  Its just about impossible to find a Luger from the first year of the war this nice and clean.  These Lugers were employed in the role that the submachine gun filled in WW2 to provide a high volume of short range firepower.   Obtaining an early production Artillery Luger like this is one of the big goals of serious Luger and WW1 collectors.


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