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In a hard to judge 97% condition, we have a early post WW2 production French Mle 1935A Pistol.  This is in the “e” block which would date it to sometime in 1945. These very well made pistols would be extremely popular except for the fact that they used a non-standard cartridge, the 7.65 Long French, which is a beefed up .32 acp round, and indecently the original round for the US WW1 Pederson device.  These are fantastic pistols to shoot if you can find the ammo as they are the first of the Charles Petter designed pistols and they are the basis for the SiG P-210 series.  In the immediate post war period France was starved for small arms and these pistols went immediately back into production for the French Government the day the Germans ran out of the factory in 1944.  Pistols like this would have seen heavy service in Indo China and Algeria and they were still in Police service up through the 1970’s.  This  is priced very attractively.

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