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In 98% mint sharp condition, we have a very late 1944 Production Spreewerke Made cvq “b” prefix P.38 Pistol.  This is a very late 1944/45 production pistol with the Cog Hammer and some very rough milling on the slide.  The pistol in all matching the bore is mint and there is only slight storage wear.

This is a great example of the well known cvq die marking.  In the early days of German pistol collecting this was thought to be a different code from cyq, that was perhaps from a another maker.  It has since been thought of for sometime that this marking is only the result of a partially broken stamping die, but now…… the train of thought is headed to another conclusion (for some) , that being that it was a new code assigned to cyq……why would you go from cyq to cvq??????. At any rate P.38 collecting is red hot at the moment and especially so with the Czech Spreewerke made examples.

The official line of thought from this firm is that its just a die…….. in 1944 they did not give a rat’s ass what it looked like!!!

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