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In 95% very ncie condition, we have an solid example of a mid war war Nazi occupation production Polish Viz35 Radom Pistol.   This is a three lever variant in the middle of the first serial block and is j serial numbered.   This pistol is all matching as has a mint bore, as you may know they were not actually completely assembled at the Radom plant in Poland but assembled as parts kits complete except for the barrel, they were then shipped to the Steyr Plant in Austria for assembly with a Steyr made barrel, hence the reason that you see the Radom 77 waffenamt and the Steyr 623 stamp which is found just on the barrel and the final assembled pistol on the slide.  The reason for this was in order to keep complete pistols from being stolen and used against the occupiers.  Today we would call it Gun Control.  The Poles who made this pistol suffered terribly under the Nazi German occupation and many were hanged for the slightest offense.  The Radom Viz35 Pistol is one of my favorites and is considered to be one of the most elegant semi auto pistols ever conceived. Every collection should have several examples of this elegant pistol.  

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