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In excellent condition all matching except for the dust cover, we have a very hard to find Nagoya Arsenal Type 99 Long Rifle.  This is a very early production gun, one of only around 8200 that were ever made.  The production of Type 99 Long Rifles was suspended very quickly in favor of the universal adoption of the shorter length Type 99 Rifle which was much more suitable for modern warfare, though it is of course obvious that much of the Japanese Army was armed with the full length Type 38 for the duration of WW2.    This example is all matching and has the very unique to this model anti-aircraft sight, a sling and monopod and a correct but non-matching dust cover.  This is a very hard rifle to encounter still with the imperial crest, most of them were withdrawn from service early in the war and were found in Japanese depots at the end of the war where they had the crest removed before being scooped up by G.I. souvenir hunters.  This very scarce specimen still sports the crest which makes it all the more desirable.

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