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If you are of a certain age you may recall that these shortened M1 “Tanker” Garands were quite popular rifles from the waive of military surplus imports that came in during the 1990’s.  They were built by Arlington Ordnance with new barrels and surplus parts.  They were most often in .308 caliber but the most desirable ones were chambered  in 30-06.  They were very popular and when the surplus guns dried up they disappeared off the market. They are said to be pretty nice guns to shoot and they are achieved a bit of a following primarily because you rarely see them for sale, especially in .30-06.  They are based off of trials models of a shortened Garand that was developed  during WW2 by Springfield Armory.  The modification was successful and well liked it; it would certainly have been adopted into service had the war not ended when it did in 1945.  This modification certainly makes sense and its a much handier rifle than the original Garand with little sacrifice in performance and a lot of savings in weight and size.