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Here is the background story on this helmet.  These helmets were shipped in mid 1944 to the US Naval Depot in Norfolk VA for issue to the Navy and Marine Corps but were not issued and remained in storage for many years lost somewhere in the maze of warehouses on the base.  They remained lost until the late 1980’s when they were found and sold at auction at the base.  Sold were a new July 1944 dated unopened crate of M1 helmets and a new unopened 1944 dated crate of Westinghouse Liners.  One of my clients was at this Norfolk VA Navy Surplus auction and  bought these items.  Over the years he sold off the helmets to some very happy collectors.  We probably bought around of dozen of them 10 years ago, and he sold all but a few many years ago.  There are pictures attached of the very crates these items were packed in.  This story is very well known to Helmet collectors and in fact it is one of those oft told  “legendary finds” stories that you hear about in the collecting world. When ever I see him I always ask him to sell me another one or two but he has held on to the remaining few he still has and has not let any go until now; we just got this one in on a trade………

So Now….You have a chance to own a brand new unissued never been worn July 1944 Front seam Swivel Bail Helmet with the Original Westinghouse liner.  this thing could have walked out of a time machine.  This is exactly how these helmets looked back during the war when they were newly issued.  Just a fantastic piece of WW2!

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