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This rifle is in antique mint sharp TOTALLY UNCLEANED condition, it is all matching down to the last screw and the bore is mint.  Here we have a fairly hard to find Mauser Infantry Gewehr Model 1871 rifle.  This was the standard German Empire Service rifle from 1871 until 1884 and was the first of the long string of Successful Mauser designed rifles. This was a single shot rifle and it stayed in service until the end of WW1, where it was famously employed by the African Askari troops in the German colonies in Africa.  This rifle was made at Amberg in 1877 and bears the cipher of the mad King Ludwig. It is unit marked to the 1st Bavarian Infantry regiment  These rifles are tough to find in any condition and this is as good as you will ever see one!  This rifle was just found up in Jersey in an old house, it has been stored for a very long time and has never been cleaned or touched.  It’s an incredible find; we do get 71/84’s in regularly but you just never see the early 1871 Mausers this fine.  This rifle will clean up to be a gem!

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