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In 98% mint crisp condition, like you only saw them say 40 or so years ago, we have an outstanding example of a Colt Modelo 1927 Argentine Contract Government Model Pistol.  Just to be clear, this is a regular Hartford CT. manufactured pistol, it was not built in Argentina.  After the fist run of 10,000 was made in Hartford a license was granted to Argentina and a Factory was established in Rosario, Argentina to continue production in that country.  These 10,000 pistols of the 1927 Argentine contract were assigned a special serial number block and were marked in accordance with the contract with an Argentine Crest and a special numbering scheme.  They are of the highest Colt Commercial quality and they are simply commercial production that have special markings.  Many of these pistols have turned up here in the US over the years  but they were fairly well worn, old time collectors have commented to me that a small batch of rather nice ones seems to have been brought in sometime in the 1950-1970’s and this pistol probably came in during this time. This is a stunning example of a very scarce Colt Foreign Contract Pistol.  Another point to consider is that compared to other colt military 1911’s that were produced for the US during the inter-war period this is a virtual steal.


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