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Perhaps the most sought after pistol of the WW2 era, and probably the ultimate war trophy, we have a very sharp example of the Legendary Walther PPK pistol with the Nazi Party Leader Grips This pistol is the “Ehre Waffe”  the Honor Weapon of the High Leaders of the NSDAP, awarded to them by the Fuerher.  There were estimated to be no more than 3,500 of these pistols issued and they are impossible to find and are widely faked.  This is the genuine item and is in the known established serial number range for these pistols.

The pistol is in 97% condition with an excellent bore and the slide bears the matching serial number.  The grips show appropriate wear and a bit of the typical warping.  As with almost all of these pistols we find, there is a hairline crack through the right side grip running through the left wing. This is nearly impossible to see with the naked eye and has been stabilized.  Most of the examples we have seen through the years will show this identical crack.  This is one of the few pistols that a collector can own that will put his collection in the upper tiers of prestige and this is a rare opportunity to get a Party Leader at a very fair and reasonable price.

This pistol literally just came out of the woodwork just a few hours ago, it was found a rural gun shop right across the border in West Virginia. Even now things still come out of the hills.  We left most of the 80 years of gunk still on this exceptionally well preserved example.

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