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In 95% very sharp condition, we have a very attractive and very elusive Union Switch & Signal made US WW2 1911A1 Pistol.  Realistically, this is the most sought after 1911 Pistol by collectors and is the one rare 1911 that is obtainable by any serious collector. Because of the du-lite finish, they have a very distinctive bluish look.   These pistols were made in Swissvale, PA which is a suburb of Pittsburgh and they made the smallest number of pistols of the main 4 WW2 contractors at only around 55,000.  This is minuscule compared to the other contractors, even Ithaca made 400,000. Finding one this mint and all original is a pretty big deal!

This pistol is a a combat carried example of an earlier production pistol and was produced in May, 1943. this is the no P proof variation.   This pistol is 100% factory original  with a mint bore as well.  It of course has a High Standard barrel and an original WW2 blued magazine. You will also notice the very distinctive milling on the barrel bushing that you only see on US&S production.  We sell many stone mint Switches for nearly 10k but if you like a gun that has been there and done it this one is a real charmer.

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