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In excellent  all matching condition, we have prime example of a Late production 25th series Kokura Arsenal Arisaka Type 38 6.5m/m Service Rifle.  The bore is excellent and this rifle is all matching except for the dust cover.   The Type 38 was the primary Japanese Infantry rifle from 1905 through at least 1942 when it was slowly being superseded by the Type 99 7.7m/m Rifle.  While we think of the Type 99 as THE Japanese Infantry Rifle of WW2, It did not reach the troops in any significant quantity until mid 1942.  The early war years with all those runaway victories were won with a bayonet at the end of a Type 38 Long Rifle.    The Type 38 Rifle stayed in front line service throughout the entire Second World War.  Indeed many veteran old line Army units refused to give it up for the Type 99, it was held in such high regard.  This is a very tough rifle to get in any kind of high condition, when we see mint ones the Imperial Crest is almost always defaced and most of the Rifles found with the Mum intact have seen a lot of hard combat use.  You may well imagine how pleased we were to find this fine example that is near mint and still has the crest.  If you are looking for a superior example of this legendary WW2 Rifle this is what you are looking for.

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