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In very good all matching condition we have an uncommonly encountered French WWI Mle-M-16 Berthier Carbine made by Continsouza in 1916 at the height of the war.  Incredibly this is actually matching!!! You just never see French Rifles of this era that are even remotely matching, they apparently just did not care.  The bore is decent and it is marked for the Balle N cartridge.  This still has a French sling as well.  During WW1 these carbines were used by the Cavalry, Artillery and Officers in the front lines.  These rifles stayed in Service throughout WW2 as well and it is believed that this one is actually a WW2 vet bringback. Finding French Military Long Arms in investment grade condition has always been a bit of a challenge so we are very happy to have this one on offer.

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